Consumers expecting lower mortgage rates less optimistic about buying

Consumers expecting lower mortgage rates less optimistic about buying

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Both buyers and sellers are feeling less optimistic about the housing market than they were a year ago, according to Fannie Mae. The mortgage finance company, which compiles an index measuring.

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Consumers expecting lower mortgage rates less optimistic about buying Consumer expectations of further mortgage rate drops leaves them seemingly in no rush to enter the purchase market which could be why their optimism on home buying is falling, a Fannie Mae report said.

The average mortgage consumer almost never expects lower rates. According to Fannie Mae’s monthly National Housing Survey, consumers are not very good at predicting when rates will rise or drop. Fannie Mae polls 1,000 U.S. consumers at random each month to determine overall sentiment about the housing industry and economy.

Live Well Financial has begun shutting down its operations. (Screenshot) In the face of what it claims is a liquidity crunch, a once fast-growing mortgage company based in the Southside is abruptly winding down its operations and laying off more than 100 employees. Live Well Financial, founded in 2005 by local entrepreneur and former Capital One

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A majority of respondents acknowledged that higher mortgage rates would make it more difficult for them to buy a home. Yet, when it comes to perception of current mortgage rates, less. consumers..

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The index shows the perceptions of both home buying and home selling conditions are returning to prior trends and the uptick in the HPSI is further supported by more consumers expecting interest..

U.S. Consumer Confidence Declines With Economic Optimism Cooling; The report indicates that while Americans remain upbeat on the current state of the economy amid bountiful jobs and lower taxes, there is less confidence that gains will remain robust.

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